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Studio Logistic is a design-focused, logistics engineering and consulting firm founded by Richard Mahoney. Studio Logistic specialises in logistics transformation projects, particularly in warehouse and distribution centre environments.

Our key word is ‘transformation’. We are about bold strokes in your business, not tinkering at the edges. Most often, this finds us at the centre of major change projects such as greenfield DC development, warehouse automation programmes, network redesigns, mergers and acquisitions, or substantial facility reengineering.

Our industry can be better, evolve faster, go higher and farther if it dares. By developing better facilities and operations, we deliver better performance, lift living standards, and provide better jobs.

The Studio exists for one purpose: to put the tools, expertise and advice in the hands of our clients to design and deliver the best distribution centres they possibly can. Period.

The Studio

The Studio is located in Hamilton, New Zealand. This is where we study, analyse, imagine, solve and create.

The Studio is a creative technical practice. We are equipped with the most up to date design tools, including the latest CAD and BIM environments, supporting full design environment integration with other engineering and architectural practices. The studio works extensively in 3D design, as well as VR.

We pair this with an analytics environment made up of selected off the shelf analytics and simulation packages, as well as in-house developed analytics tools. We use a cloud based virtual server environment so no data set is too big for us, and are actively investing in IoT and machine learning capability to further improve the accuracy and quantity of operational data we can gather and use.

We believe matching advanced design suite with modern analytics, and the ability to drive them both hard, presents a powerful capability to seek out and find the very best solutions to the very hardest problems.

Our Reach

We carry our studio with us. All design and analytics environments are cloud based, and we can work from anywhere, to anywhere.

We are experienced working in virtual teams with our clients and other professionals. Our goal is for any client to access our expertise from anywhere, with the minimum of cost and environmental impact of travel. This has served us well in this age of restricted movement.

With the use of reality capture and survey, integrated with remote data capture capability and supported by our design environment, our reach is extensive.

Our Approach

We keep the approach simple. We pull and we push.

First: we pull for information. We gather data, understand your business, your issues, your aspirations. Pull is the core of our analytics.

Then: we push. We push you and your project to be better. Challenge your thinking. We will push ideas. Debate options. Push is the core of our creativity and design.

During a project, we are fierce advocates for your core operational requirements and outcomes. No other design professional in a DC project fights as hard for great operational outcomes as we do.

Finally, we are great to work with because we are logistics nerds. We absolutely love it. On Friday night you will find us sharing a quiet glass of something and geeking out. This is an exciting time to be alive for a logistics engineer.


Our team

Richard Mahoney

Founder and Director

With over 15 years professional experience, Richard is a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand, and a registered International Professional Engineer.

Committed to the development of logistics engineering in Australasia, Richard has presented at a range of conferences on subjects ranging from warehouse automation and Industry 4.0, to cold chain facility design. He has also been a regular contributor to the NZ cold storage industry, and been an invited presenter to the NZ Cold Storage Association annual conference on three occasions.