Professional Engineering,
Design and Analytics

Studio Logistic provides specialist analytics and design services to logistics projects.

Our services span through a typical project lifecycle.

Some clients choose to engage us throughout, others engage us for individual packages of work to meet a specific need or answer a specific question.

New Build

A new distribution centre is an opportunity to do something outstanding. Studio Logistic is expert at capturing the full extent of this opportunity. Firstly in the development of the idea and supporting business case, then in the implementation so as to deliver the business case and technical requirements.

Combining creative, data driven operational and facility design, strong networks in the logistics systems, architecture and engineering, and industrial property sectors, we are able to get the absolute best outcomes possible for our clients.

New Build Services

  • Property / Location Search

  • Masterplanning

  • DC Design / Development

  • Design Management

  • Safety in Design

  • Business Case Support

  • Warehouse Automation Evaluation, Selection and Procurement

  • Labour Standard Development and Benchmarking

  • Operational Data Capture

  • Materials Handling / Process Simulation

Site Redevelopment and Intensification

Need more storage to fit in the building? How about adding a small warehouse automation package, or even a full automation retrofit? Any distribution centre operation needs to find ways to do more with less, adapting to changing times. Sometimes continuous improvement initiatives can only take you so far. To go further, you need to re-engineer or intensify. Doing this successfully relies on delivering significant physical and process change, while keeping existing operations working.

This is where our engineering heritage shines. Whether it's process reengineering, or an automation expansion or retrofit, we can get this done. Importantly, we get it done with realistic costs, and minimising risk.

Redevelopments are some of the hardest projects to do well. We make sure that we're on deck all the way through to make sure you're getting something that will works, and then we support during implementation, ramp-up and stabilisation to make sure you're getting the benefits.

Redevelopment Services

  • Distribution Centre Reengineering Design

  • Safety in Design

  • Labour Standard Development and Benchmarking

  • Operational Data Capture

  • Reality Capture / Survey

  • Feasibility

  • Redevelopment Phasing

  • Warehouse Automation Retrofits

  • Commissioning and Benefits Realisation Support

People, Process and Productivity

Every distribution centre is focused on spending the right amount on capability, so it delivers the right business outcomes. Whether this is in inventory holdings, staff, equipment, property, getting the balance right is key.

Our goal is to help lift the productivity of the NZ logistics sector. We don't 'save FTEs' or 'reduce headcount', we seek to augment and upgrade the people you have. In time, this means low value and hazardous jobs may cease to exist, with more, higher paying and safer jobs replacing them. We are here to help move industry and communities on that journey.

Studio Logistic provides distribution centre operations with support to capture, process, interpret and make use of operational data to make your distribution centre more productive. We are here to put the information in your hands, so you can make real change. We have a unique capability to pull a wide variety of data together in a sensible way. This includes direct measurement of operations, using remote sensors and machine learning. Combined with an advanced analytics environment, we can see things most can't.

People, Process and Productivity Services

  • Operational Profiling

  • Slotting

  • Labour Standard Development and Benchmarking

  • Operational Data Capture

  • Materials Handling / Process Simulation

  • Safety in Design

Review, Check and Assurance

Doing a project internally, or working directly with a systems vendor, consultant or property developer? We offer review and check services to provide you with an independent perspective.

Projects are complex, and hard to get right. We recognise the importance of gathering a diverse range of views, and of the qualified review of work. We maintain relationships with peer consultancies to provide independent review of our work should our clients wish it. 

Whether it is simply a loose sounding board role, A DC or project health check, specific review of work, or construction monitoring, there are a variety of ways in which we can provide assurance and peace of mind to your project. 

Particular specialities include facilitating independent design reviews or safety in design workshops. 

Review, check and assurance services:

  • Design Review Facilitation

  • DC Health Checks

  • Peer Reviews

  • Independent Calculation / Verification

  • Project Readiness Review

  • Safety in Design Workshops

  • Fit Out Construction Monitoring

Automation and Equipment Fitout

Core distribution centre assets are our bread and butter. Studio Logistic provides engineering and procurement services specifically for distribution centre fitout. As professional engineers, we are unique in the market for being able to work across building, operation and equipment interfaces during design, implementation and beyond.

Our services range from initial strategy and concept around big picture questions such as suitability of warehouse automation for your business, to the nuts and bolts of construction monitoring. We make sure that you are procuring the right capability for your current and future operations, that it's fit for purpose for the New Zealand environment, and you are well protected during project execution and beyond.

This is a specialist procurement service, and therefore we commonly work alongside other project managers, architects and engineers to make sure our packages are well integrated and coordinated with the full scope of the project.

Automation and Equipment Fitout Services

  • Warehouse Automation Strategy

  • Procurement Strategy

  • Equipment and Systems Specification, Evaluation and Selection

  • Technology Search

  • Business Case Support

  • Design Management

  • Early Vendor Engagement

  • Systems Prototyping and Testing

  • Tendering and Negotiation

  • Contract Management

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Go Live / Commissioning Support

  • Design Management

  • Ramp Up & Benefits Realisation

Manufacturing Logistics

Manufacturing operations need great logistics to be effective. Whether greenfield or brownfield, space is at a premium, and a wide variety of material handling challenges present themselves.

We are expert at connecting manufacturing logistics with production assets and operations, as well as to the wider supply chain. As industrial engineers, we understand the unique challenges faced by the manufacturing sector, and have a proven history of experience in primary and secondary manufacturing and in heavy and light industrial applications.

Redevelopment services

  • Masterplanning

  • Manufacturing WIP handling

  • Design services

  • Warehouse automation

  • Raw material and packaging logistics

  • Site wide material handling

  • Breakdown parts optimisation

  • Bulk storage and handling

  • Capacity simulation and planning

  • Transportation

Transportation and intermodal

Studio Logistic has a wide range of experience in transportation and intermodal facilities. From primary manufacturing rail loadouts, to mining ports, to airside and customs bonded sites, we solve all kinds of logistics problems.

Bringing our data and engineering design and advisory skillsets, we can help optimise your facility for both present and future needs, getting the most out of the asset.

Transportation and intermodal services

  • Container handling and yard design

  • Transitional facilities

  • Export loading facilities

  • Port and inland port

  • Rail interchange

  • Depot facilities

  • Airside and aviation logistics

  • Bulk material handling facilities